Friday, June 19, 2009

Development through Cooperation

On a daily average, how many of us spend time in reviewing our core values? Even though we know that our character development is dependent on it, it’s an investment that many have never given a thought to – and when we come in contact of others, we seek cooperation. The practice of ‘self realization’ begins when you start giving appointment to yourself.

From the moment we get up, ‘things to do’ dominate our mind and the whole day is spent in doing duties towards home and work. Have you ever wondered that how with time, we have changed from ‘human beings’ to human doings’? Taking care of ourselves physically, running off to office, socializing with friends and colleagues, attending to family matters, eating out, going for vacations – we are doing everything to keep ourselves busy but are unaware about what to feed to our mind, emotions and feelings?

I am not aware about the other countries but in India, stress is definitely on a rise. Not many people today are left untouched by anxiety, depression, insecurity, jealously or anger. You can be called lucky if you don’t feel these extreme sentiments frequently.
Overall development occurs when we cooperate with each other and with ourselves, have an attitude of forgiveness towards those who have hurt us, intentionally or unintentionally, and start seeing the BIGGER picture of being extraordinary in every activity – this world is full of those who are ordinary, so how are you different? Let’s begin with a ‘change in attitude’ and witness an overall development.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Best Way to Deal With People

The thumb rule in dealing with people is ‘Respect’. To gain respect, you have to give it first.

The character of a human being works in two ways- either you elevate the people you communicate with by understanding their true worth or you are minimising them. There is nothing in between when it comes to celebrating the essence of ‘human touch’. People are giving you best years, months, days or hours of their lives and it’s your duty to treat them with passion and let them know that their opinion is valued.

If we wish to develop a culture of successful people around us, we have to learn the art of nourishing every human talent. It is THE BEST WAY to deal with people.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Acne Care

Acne Care is like clockwork. Every time you turn your head, there is a new skin care product being launched that promises to make your skin acne free. You can see the display of cosmetics at every store, mall or mart. However, the most difficult part is to choose the right kind of acne care for yourself that gives you a spot free glowing face.
Here are some useful tips that can surely help you in keeping your face glowing amongst every kind of weather.

1. Wash your face 3 times during the day:
A very common yet most ignored ritual in our lives. Washing face with mild soap helps in keeping the pores clean and throws out the dust particles from the skin. You can also use the Acne Body Wash to get better results.

2. Avoid squeezing a zit
When you see a pimple, avoid the temptation of popping it. This can cause the infection to spread underneath the skin or would leave a permanent mark on your face.

3. Exfoliating your skin everyday is not a good idea
The skin of face is very sensitive and can develop harsh reactions if rubbed with scrubber too often. Skin experts suggest exfoliating once a week as a normal practice.

4. Choose a healthy diet
In most of the acne related cases, having improper diet is the main culprit. Avoiding oily and junk food can do wonders for your skin. Also, include as much fruits as you can in your daily eating regime.

5. Selecting right kind of product
Never ever buy a cosmetic without taking into consideration others’ opinion about it. You can speak to your friends, neighbours, relatives or read reviews in magazine, or log on to net and find what other users are saying about it.

If even after taking these precautions your skin develops acne, consider using Acne Products that offer world class care. Some people may need to take professional Acne Treatments to get rid of spots on their skin. For women aged 40 and use of anti aging cream is recommended. Resurgence from Murad is a very well known product and can be tried if you are looking for a cream that can take out years from your face.