Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waking Up the Inner Child

When I was a child
I listened to my mother
She taught me how to walk and talk
Above all, how to create a good thought.

I believed in nature
Made it my best friend
I played with my dog
Which I thought to be godsend

Now that I am grown
The innocence has flown
The mind has developed
It’s easy to make it corrupt

From pure to defensive
It forgets to be festive
I was taught the dream of compassion
Somehow it became weaken

Not anymore, I tell myself
I am going to lead by example
The world is hard and cold
But then I have good friends to hold

It’s time to wake up the purity inside
That’ll help me when things go wild
This moment I am not going to subside
‘Coz now I know, I am God’s most beautiful child

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