Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bigger the change, longer it takes to settle....

History is full of stories about monuments and how long it took to build them. Great Pyramids, Taj Mahal, Eifel Tower, Great Wall of China.... the list is long – it took years to make them and now they stand tall remind us of time when not many means were available to construct something but some people had vision and patience of making their dreams a reality. They knew that the generations later, their work will still be admired.

The point that I am trying to make here is that the larger the dream, the longer it takes. And the endurance becomes critical for our work Maybe, as you read this blog today, you are feeling frustrated over the fact that your richly imagined future is not your current reality, yet!

If it is so, I encourage you to keep in mind that the most excellent things take a little longer.

Don’t forget - if achieving bold and beautiful things were so easy - then everyone would be doing it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Words of Wisdom

While on my way to office today I came across few elderly gentlemen who were discussing on the topic of stress within society. Very interesting chat & I just hanged on to listen more -- one of them said "Keeping yourself alive by throwing fresh currents of thought and emotions into the things you do from habit". Rightly said & something that I needed to hear today - as I try hard to meet a project deadline. Makes me wonder that people of the older generation have so much wisdom; I wish we learn and not ignore them.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

In the Search of Passion

Last night we went out for a dinner. It wasn’t on any occasion, but felt like eating Thai. 15 minutes into the restaurant the meal service began. It was simply an excellent meal I’ve had in years - fantastic salad, tasty dishes and brilliant soup.

For my own personal development, I have recently started working on gratitude more than ever before. I do so by practising a vote of thanks at every single opportunity. The list includes being grateful towards a rag picker who takes out trash from our compartment, the fruit vendor across the street, the courier guy among others. There are so many people working in the background to make life better for us, the least we can do is to say ‘thanks’.

So I took a piece of paper and write out a thank you note to the serving members and the chef. I wrote it sincerely without expectation of any type of a reward. While moving out of the place, I handed the paper to the waiter who collected our bill, saying “This is what I can return you for your superb services”. He was a young guy of 20, simply smiled.

Then something incredible happened. One by one, each of the serving members appeared from kitchen and paid me a little visit. I could see that they were touched by a simple note, reminding them that their hard work mattered and it was due to their combined efforts the restaurant was flourishing.

So my dear friends, let’s not the passion go away from our lives. Keep it alive, it shows you the way to live!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Let’s celebrate the goodness around…..!!

We all are aware of chaos around due to recent financial breakdown. Countries are in acute state of depression. Old structures are getting disintegrated. It’s very easy for negative elements to float around and cause further distress. Feelings are like cold; they catch up on you effortlessly and leave you drenched with worries. There’s greed and me-first mentality on the Wall Street.

But let’s not stop observing the goodness around. There are many who are optimistic about this whole trend. Why? Because there are still many people who have knowledge and wisdom to carry on, people who have big hearts.

New business comes in only when the old crumbles. This is the time of ‘change revolution’; we are here to be a part of it, to implement new ideas and to see a better world tomorrow. Let’s not be depressed, let’s celebrate as in this turbulent times, there is still lot of goodness around. I want to be a part of this change, do you?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Business Motivation

As manager sales, I work towards closing gaps with sales people through coaching. I always relate to my sales staff on a more equal, less informal level. The role responsibilities are still there, but I get in the trenches with them... so to speak. Here's a MANIC approach that I have developed to my sales staff , see if it's of any use to you...

Ask your sales person these questions and find out if they understand and answer these questions completely.

  1. M = Money - who holds the purse strings
  2. A = Authority - who can say Yes as well as No
  3. N = Need - why would someone want to buy our services
  4. I = Interest in buying from you - remember most companies need three quotes - 1 from the incumbent 2 a new supplier they are interested in 3 a price comparison - MAKE SURE you are not the price comparison
  5. C = Competition - if you are up against a company that sells cheap - you promote service and quality - if you are up against a company that quotes quality and service you promote value for money

If your sales staff understands these questions completely, they are ready to promote the product. As their manager, it’s your duty to motivate them, to remain inspired to perform their functions resourcefully.

Most of the times money isn't the issue, recognition is. I have come across some managers who tend to take the attitude that whatever their team do is "their success" while any failures are "the teams". It's a situation common across a number of companies. Employers need to be honest to gain trust. The key to do so is by treating the staff as intelligent human beings, giving them the freedom to be masters of their own destiny, within the realms of business requirements.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where do you stand?

Motivation and Self Esteem always go hand in hand. Got a chance to attend a session on motivation, this is what I liked:
Common Belief Issues - low motivation
Hopelessness - It is not possible to get what I want.
Helplessness - I am not capable of getting what I want.
Worthlessness - I do not deserve what I want.

Transforming Beliefs - moving to high motivation

Hopelessness to Optimism
Helplessness to Confidence
Worthlessness to Self Esteem

You are important, special and unique.
You have something to contribute.

So, where do you stand??

Monday, October 13, 2008

Start Something New Now

Last night I watched a program on Discovery channel. It was on U2 (Early days of their career). Do you know that they drew only 9 people to a gig? 9 people. U2.- imagine

We often refrain from living our dreams thinking that Those Great Ones are different from us. This is not at all true. The people we admire - whether in entertainment or professional lives, or society - started from a dream and nothing else. But what counted is that - they started. And each day – without a break - they promoted their vision, worked towards making it move ahead. From few audience to hundreds, to thousands. To become one of the major rock band in the world.

So start attempting to move your closely cherished ideals forward. Start somewhere. And start now. Do that please - The whole world needs you being at your best. Can’t think of anything better right now than R Kelly’s popular song ‘I Believe I Can Fly’.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Intrinsic Motivation

Motivation is certainly a good topic to write an article on I think. If you know the way to intrinsic motivation, then you know the way to be successful. We all are different and therefore look out for different motivational solution to our need.

So, here is my suggestion of dealing with this issue:

Write, on a piece of paper, about yourself describing – what constitutes YOU? Like an introduction that you would give to a complete stranger. Now read it – Are you only talking about your work life because that is all in all about you, or do you have hobbies, interests, favourite pastimes, voluntary work that you can include? See yourself as being made up of components, like - your home life, relationships with your family, friends and even pets, your status in the community, local issues that you stand for and support, some volunteer work that you do for church or NGO, being in the local sports team, your passions in life, etc. Now I don’t profess to be lucky enough to have these many components in my life, BUT I have aims and ambitions to include them - either some or all, now or maybe later, and that helps drive and motivate me in the things I do and decisions I make. This should motivate you to be a much more complete person as you will gain diversified skills and experiences that will help and assist you in all your activities.

For every activity, there should be clear goals, and perhaps targets so that you know your status when you achieve them. If somehow you don’t make it in one, then you will still have other ‘components’ where you are achieving, thus a cause of remaining positive. If you ever find the more challenging one consistently challenging… don’t be afraid to change the component all together. A change of career can be refreshing and exhilarating and can do wonders for your motivation!

So, you see, motivation is a state of mind. Think positive and set your goals, and confidence to make positive changes should keep you on the right track and keep you happy!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Diet to Excellence

We know that what we eat today determines our health. If our diet is nutritious, we cannot expect to have a strong body. So don’t you agree – Actions always drive results.
We know ourselves and we know what we stand for – Excellence in life, family, career and fun. So I ask you to take your diet to the next level. Eat excellent food. Give your body the best fuel. Think of yourself an elite athlete who needs to putting only excellent nutrition in, so to get excellent results out.

After all, what's the point of getting to mountaintop - but reaching there sick? Or not having enough stamina to go for your dreams? So eat a healthy diet to win.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Anger Management

“Do you know who I am?” Last night I heard someone shouting these words at a glossary store. The speaker was a tall man, who looked like someone from a affluent family, and he was shouting at a boy aged 14-15 years. This man was so full of ego that it overflowed in his every action. Someone interfered and sorted out the matter within two minutes.
Just after 10-15 minutes I saw the same man driving away his car rashly, as if wanted to show his anger to the world around, and the boy on the other hand was back to his cheerful jokes.

Time and again we come across people who are always ready to pick up an argument/fight, they only need a slight persuasion. These so called ‘hyper sensitive’ and ‘temperamental’ people can be seen at every corner– in the departmental store, on roads, within movie halls, at parties etc. They do not have a control on their feelings do have tendencies to burst out on others. Our reaction, when we see a incident like these, is often none. And chances are, that we will react in the same way under a similar situation - by loosing our self control and giving our ‘remote control’ of mood & feelings to others. We react and not act within circumstances. Now how much correct is that approach?

For more information on anger management, checking these sites will help: