Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Golden Trick of Staying Constantly Cheerful

Smile at whatever happens.  Even if something has gone wrong, find something to learn from it or something positive and be happy for it.  Even if you can't find it right away, at least take the thought that this has happened for a reason. Start believing whatever happens, happens for the best.

When people see someone with positive qualities, even during negative situations, they really admire their positivity.  It could be patience, wisdom or any other positive quality that comes across.But much more than that, it is the happiness or contentment that is visible in the form of a cheerful face. This is the true personality of royalty, that each one of us too needs to make an attempt to imbibe.

Life is short. People are dying. There's too much unhappiness around. Why waste time in sulking when you can make it BETTER? Stay cheerful. There's no other way of living.