Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Country, My Vision

On a recent trip to the interiors of India, I was once again reminded of the diversity my country has. The lives we all are living today, we need to see things from our eyes to appreciate them and I am no different.

A day after 26th Jan, I want to share my vision for my country.

My vision for India is to make it a better country to live and work. I don’t want to wait till 2020 to be part of a developed nation, I want everything now. I want cleaner roads, better government accountability, civilised countrymen and unlimited opportunities to take talent to next level. I understand my responsibilities, I know evading tax or electricity bills won’t make me rich and I must pay for what I use. I want a break from idiotic television serials, sickening media coverage and senseless realty shows. I want to watch cricket for the love of the game and not for the glamour stage it has become. I want the power to sue a company if it doesn’t treat me right. I want people to be more active – learn sports and yoga and not copy west blindly. I want families to be more united and not run madly in the race to earn more money....

Let us preserve what is good within us, so that we can give a better tomorrow to our children.... let us be happy and spread joy, even if our neighbours don’t like because I can be what I want; and so can be my country.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Practical spirituality – learning the art of passing smile

Corporate offices are full of people running in the mad race of showing each other down. In the language of a consummate, this is called ‘beating the competition’. Do we have time for ourselves? The answer is “NO”

And that’s why, we are not happy. There is something missing badly from our lives – and that is laughter.

Yes, people do laugh but most of the time it is on sarcastic comments that we all pass to each other casually. Where has the smile gone, I fail to see...

But we are smart – aren’t we? Whatever is going missing from our lives, we are nominating days to make up for that. Father’s day to express love for fathers, mother’s day to tell how amazing our mothers are – isn’t this irony of life that we need special days to remember all those special people who have shaped our lives? And have loved us beyond calculations to make us what we are today?

And on heights of all these days, there is laugher day – 16th Jan. Do we need a special day to remember that smile is costless, easy, helps us in making friends and is a gift in itself? If you are wise, tell me - why can’t everyday be the laughter day?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Spiritual quotient and me!

Recently a reader sent me an email asking “how to maintain spiritual quotient during the day?”

People, by default, relate spirituality with religion. However, the reality is something else. Spirituality means “being in peace with yourself and experience the state of bliss.” Seeing every moment as a new opportunity and living it completely. To be able to see the freshness that every second, minute, hour and day brings. Isn’t every moment full of promises, just as the thousand before that you missed? Spirituality makes you completely free of passing any judgment whatsoever. It makes you feel "light" all the time. You cannot carry over something if you don’t want. You don’t have to pass a ‘be a good person’ exam before you start on the path of spirituality - its completely unconditional.

It’s like every moment is saying… “Okay, so you missed me the last ten thousand times, but look! I am here again… and again… and again...and again!” And there time is – welcoming you with open arms.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year resolution – let’s smile more

When we know it doesn’t cost anything, then why are we so shy about smiling? Okay, i understand grinning always will make you look like a fool but smiling wouldn’t harm, would it?

Why is smile disappearing nowadays?

Have we become too busy with our lives that we have forgotten to smile? For some, it doesn’t have any value now? Many people say that with the mobile culture, smile doesn’t match. And it holds so true isn’t it? People have time for friends but the distance between siblings is deepening. Not many realise that friends can be more but siblings are very few. Sometimes, even we can be wrong. So, if there’s anything you regret, this is the time to gather all your guts and face it. get over with the past so that you can have a lovely today.