Monday, July 25, 2011

Learning Creativity from Madonna

My generation has grown-up watching Madonna. The Madonna. Her face reminds me that nearly every great creative mankind has ever known was/is a perfectionist. Yes, I agree perfectionism is not considered a healthy attribute in the world ‘coz it drives people crazy, but what is the fun of living a life that’s not near to it?

If you ever read the superstars of creativity and imagination, you’ll find that none of them stood for anything less than ideal work. Watch Madonna’s documentary “I’m Going to Tell You a Secret.” It will inspire you. At every point, Madonna sweats and demands that every moment of her performance is perfect. Really makes me think - why work on something if it wouldn’t get close to as perfect as possible?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Coping with Uncertain Times

When I quit my regular job seven years back, there was no economic crisis in sight – well, at least not in India. Life was good and since I was relatively younger, never even once I had to repent my decision.  

Though the carefree attitude has not changed over these years, I have started the experiments to keep myself more secure financially. The world all over, there are simply too many varieties of crisis looming. The sheer populace on the planet practically guarantees new challenges. A common reaction by most people has been to ignore the tough times we live in today as these can be depressing to contemplate.

Social graces, light humor, and genuine curiosity always play a big part in reducing people's discomfort with difficult subjects. A lot of them like to invest in bullion and gold bullion to make sure that in case of eventualities – they’ll be ready to fight them over. Once people buy bullion and buy gold bullion, a sense of relief comes over them. Buying gold must always be done through authorized gold IRA dealers as this market sometimes navigates through rough waters and to tell the differentiation from the original and duplicate becomes an issue.