Monday, June 27, 2011

Practical meditation in Action

Being a spiritual seeker is a blissful experience. It lets you stay energetic the whole day and no matter what you do, the liveliness doesn’t drain out from your nervous system.

Everyone faces deadlocks, crisis - whether they last a day or a number of years, it is in your hands to decide what you take from the experience. Rather than shedding our fears, we get engrossed in our tough times and let our weakness of not being able to see beyond the clouds dominate our thoughts. 

Were we given life to live in despair? If no is your answer, so where are your adjustments to it? Help yourself. Here are some tips for practical meditation. Use them and see the difference.

  1. Take one minute break every hour and observe your thoughts. Do a SOS – Stand, Observe and Steer for them. It will help you in managing your inner resources better and become a better manager of the self. Steering them in the right direction helps because our thoughts are very accustomed to wander off on different tracks.
  2. Write what you want to do in a day and then divert your attention from it. Don’t go on repeating it in your mind unnecessary.
  3. Sit with yourself for five minutes every day. Minus mobile, newspaper, television or any other diversion from this meeting. Decide on the purpose for that day.
  4. Use practical meditation to help you in prioritizing your work. Have the courage to say “No Thanks” to any activity that doesn’t add value to your living.
  5. Whatever you want to do, DO. Don’t PROCRASTINATE.
  6. Turn away from technology for few minutes every day. Take up a creative project and work on it. (paint pots, sow plants, create envelops, clean your stuff, make your laptop shine, arrange your shoes, give out clothes, ride a cycle, talk to trees, watch the sky, help your neighbor, read a book, make bookmarks, repair a clock…do you need more ideas?)

This is my list. You want to add something – be my guest. But my request is – Check & Change. 
The Time is Now.