Monday, December 30, 2013

The Spirit of Enthusiasm…

Enthusiasm image...hit me today when I met her – a random stranger. Her first glimpse revealed a lady surprisingly skinny, but extremely defiant to cold (for a cold 8 degrees in Gurgaon, she chose to wear a thin, front-open jersey).

She is not much different than anyone of us at all. Simple, really. But not ordinary— very special – one of those who leave you better than how they found you. Her spirit of enthusiasm is catchy and so is her love for life. She speaks humbly. There is no need for conviction for she knows her passion (education – her field of expertise) is real; and she has so much to tell you: about a simple idea, an idea with the potential to abide in the smallest of us.

And just like that, she makes me realize my New Year resolution. Her talks infer with my thoughts and give them a push of urgency. I become conscious about the need to work on my dream project. I need to start it, do it & finish it. I need to live my truth. Express my love. Share my zeal. Take action. Walk my talk. Dance and sing to music. Embrace my blessings. Make today worth remembering. That’s my resolution for 2014. What’s yours?