Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Managing Stress

On the occasion of my friend’s marriage, I met a finance professional who has recently been asked by Coca Cola to be its Asia-Pacific head. As many people understand, it is a huge opportunity for anyone who aims to be CEO someday. This person is however not happy. Beyond the courtesy smiles he is a hollow person. He tells painfully that in his quest of becoming professionally big, he lost his family. His wife left him as he couldn't handle office stress effectively and children barely know him as he never had time for them.

Putting family, along with health, should always be the top priority for each one of us. Family matters too much and some people realise that only after they chase their dreams to reach a level only to find themselves along there.

Devotion to work is good but it shouldn’t cross the line to become stress. As adults, we teach our children to view the world and they will follow our leads. So let’s make a smart choice today. Let us have a look at our priorities again and restructure our lifestyle a little so that we can have a happier today as well as tomorrow.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Power of the Mind

What is your ultimate competitive advantage? How can you do things differently than others?

To be successful, one needs to control his/her mind. It is said that “Wars are fought between the minds of great men”. Everything we see today was an idea some time back. Edison fancied luminosity, so created bulb, Gandhi wanted to see equal rights for everyone, so started ‘Non Cooperation Movement’, people wanted to stay connected while on move, so mobile phones were invented, BMW thought of making a car that could change shapes automatically and designed GINA......

It’s the ideas that keep the human race going. People like us make the difference in history of mankind and we know that everything begins with a small step. The mind has to be focussed enough to follow dreams, otherwise what is the fun of living? Live an extraordinary life, do what you dream of doing, take risks and be a person who has tried a lot of different things.

I know that you know that there is no joy living a dull life.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Loving What you Dislike

The things that drive you crazy are the biggest opportunities for you to prove yourself. The people who press your buttons are actually your great teachers. The issues that make you angry are actually your biggest gifts – be grateful for them – love them and learn from them.

The people or circumstances that take you out of your calmness have extraordinary value. They are the test of your limitations and your beliefs. They make you think of values that you do not stand for. I know people who pay huge amount to a complete stranger, called psychologist, just to pinpoint what is keeping them away from success and people like us get a chance to experience that everyday but we fail to recognize the opportunities.

They don’t say ‘Love your Enemies’ just like that – this phrase has a very strong meaning and only those who understand it appreciate the fact that your enemies have the power of taking out the best from you!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Start Something New Now

Last night I watched a program on Discovery channel. It was on U2 (Early days of their career). Do you know that they drew only 9 people to a gig? 9 people. U2.
We often refrain from living our dreams thinking that Those Great Ones are different from us. This is not at all true. The people we admire - whether in entertainment or professional lives, or society - started from a dream and nothing else. But what counted is that - they started. And each day – without a break - they promoted their vision, worked towards making it move ahead. From few audience to hundreds, to thousands - to become one of the major rock band in the world.

So start attempting to move your closely cherished ideals forward. Start somewhere. And start now. Do that please - The world needs you being at your best. Can’t think of anything better right now than R Kelly’s popular song ‘I Believe I Can Fly’.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gaining Life out of Lost Moments!!

A philosopher once said: “Most people take the limits of their vision to be the limits of the world. A few don’t – join them.”

This is surely a superb point. The life that you see this very moment isn’t necessary the life of your future. May be right now you are viewing situations with the eyes of fear, rejections, limitations and false assumptions and you would be able to see a clearer picture once you wash off the stain from the glass window.

One of my good friends lost her life partner last month. Though she is a strong person and has her family supporting her completely in this moment of grief, she sometimes feels lonely and depressed. I don’t know what to say except – “this too shall pass”. I know it is difficult to face a situation like this but we all have to see some tough days, may be these are hers...

As Robert Frost says “one thing that is learnt about life through experience is that it goes on.”

No one is born with a guarantee of having a wonderful life – our attitude makes all the difference and this girl is certainly trying to cope up with the loss. I have seen many people who are filled with uncertainty and negativity; however there are still so very many great human beings out there – those who carry deep wisdom, who have big hearts and do not give up easily. We need to salute them and learn from their spirit as they gain life even out of lost moments.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Reveal the Genius within!!

Do you know the way to reveal the genius within?

I know one: its route is through
problems solving. Problems are nothing but servants – they bring responsibilities. Inside every problem lies a precious chance to see life from a new perspective.

Every challenge is nothing but an opportunity to improve ourselves and be a step closer to the kind of person we would want to be.
Avoiding problems is never considered a wise decision. To know our true worth, we have to pass through tough situations. To a salesman, a yelling customer might seem like a headache, but to a problem solver he will provide an occasion to cover the gaps. A person who understands the importance of feedback will improve the standards to ensure that such a thing never happens again.

Struggles open our mind to new and refined viewpoints that we never thought existed. It makes us better decision maker and helps in maintain confidence on our abilities.

To conclude, here’s my quote for the evening:
“Life is meant to be lived with simplicity; our attitude makes all the difference.”