Monday, July 15, 2013

Simple Ways to Improve Life

Here is a list of few simple ideas to improve the gift called 'Life'.

  1. Smile. 
  2. Don't lie.
  3. Show compassion. 
  4. Be a world-class listener.
  5. Preach less, observe more.
  6. Don't give advice unless asked.
  7. Leave people better than you found them.
  8. Say Please, Kindly and Thank you as many times you can.
  9. Learn to ‘let it go’ and discover the joy in 'forgiving' others for their mistakes.
  10. Give something to everyone you meet - people don't need things - they want feelings. Share your calm, make the environment peaceful.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Change your Thoughts to Change your Life

I call it “The Time to Charge the Self.”

You can be a good parent, a committed high-paying executive, an attentive child, a responsible spouse and a happy person with time for hobbies. How on earth is this possible? Stop creating waste thoughts and begin integration of your mind with the self.

Begin with a clear view of what you are – and what you can contribute to every domain of your life – self, home, work and the community. Carefully consider the type of thoughts you create each moment, without ever thinking the repercussions -  and think if all that you bring into mind is that important. Experiment with some minor changes – try SOS – Stand, Observe, Steer – during your normal day routine, take a break from whatever you are doing (this exercise doesn’t take more than 10 seconds), observe your thoughts and steer them in the direction you want. It is important because most of the times you would just not know what is going on in your mind.

Over a period of time, we all have become keenly attached to the perceptions that we’ve created that our mind has become accustomed to accept that as a reality. When thoughts go on for long without getting checked, they become habits – and that’s how we develop tendencies we don’t like in ourselves. Anger, frustration, depression, aggression etc. are the tendencies which are not normal and have been developed out of irrational thinking.

So if you want to change the self, change your habits and for that you’ll have to change your thoughts. It will happen only if you develop the habit of sitting with yourself – or in other words meditate.

People generally confuse meditation with a difficult process. It is in fact, a simple procedure which involves taming the mind to see what you think. In other words, it involves raising your visualisation to a point that you are able to create a scene in front of you of every thought that you create. Since visualisation is a slower process, it will instinctively reduce the frequency of your thoughts, thereby forcing the unwanted beliefs and theories leave your mind.

I can see that some of you might be hesitant to begin this. But if you can pull this off, you can ramp up your mental insight to win your own personal race of existence. So - good luck and I hope you have a healthy life ahead.