Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Being Thankful

In this age of economy recession and cost cutting, more than ever it is suggested that this is the best time to enjoy simple pleasures of life. Last night I got the news that my uncle, dad’s brother, passed away. For few minutes I was numb, didn’t know what should I do or say. All my thoughts, problems, tasks vanished away from my mind I kept thinking that tomorrow can be my last day, am I ready for it? Have I thanked GOD enough for my life? Am I a pleasant person to talk to and am I someone whom people want to be with? What value addition I did with my living today? Everyone takes birth, lives a life and dies away. There are millions who live life just for the heck of living it. They don’t have aims, goals or dreams and then there are few those, who make a difference while living. They bring with them an aura that unites others in some way or another, Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan, Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Aung San Suu Kyi – they were not born great – they just chose to live greatly. They face/faced their share of struggle with such a strength and dignity that they became symbol of hope for others.

So on the day we step into a New Year, my message to you all is – don’t be cheerless ever, life is waiting for you to be utilised. Whatever has happened is history, look ahead always. Take pleasure in small moments as they occur and make you ready for the big IDEA/Discovery. As Mark Twain rightly says “Life does not consist mainly, or even largely, of facts and happenings. It consists mainly of the storm of thought that is forever flowing through one's head.”

Friday, December 26, 2008

Is your commitment extraordinary?

In the society we live in, we constantly do business with each other and often come across people whom we, start admiring.
There is one habit that is common among all the rich people/leaders/CEOs/star performers of this world, can you name that? It is their commitment towards ensuring that their surroundings reflect their devotion of being world class. You would have seen them living in the best homes, wearing expensive clothes, driving luxurious cars and sharing finest philosophy. They seem to portray one message always: “I stand for being the best in my field, so it makes sense that I should invest in the best.” We admire people like these to the extent that we try to become their followers, but seldom have we done any effort in knowing what kind of struggle that person might have faced. Have you ever thought about the kind of beliefs they believe in? What is their motivation that kept them going through their worst time also? It is their power of 'being the best' that they held even when they were not successful.

I read somewhere once: Greatness is, above everything else, a state of mind. You need to believe in your potential and power before you can bring them to life. You need to feel like you are extraordinary before you can become extraordinary.

One of the best ways to achieve this feeling of extraordinary is to ensure that everything you surround yourself with, is at the highest level. Start with thoughts – always think positive. Do not let anyone’s negativity influence you thinking process. If you have a wish to achieve something, your positive attitude will make sure that you will get it. Try it and see the difference.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Life motivation

None of us has a desire to be richest in the graveyard. To most of us, a well lived life is about being surrounded by people we like, staying healthy and having sufficient money to meet our expenses. Each one of us wants to have an influence on the world around us, but how many can successfully do that?
From where to get life motivation and how can you stay focused on that? Here are few pointers that can help you in staying inspired throughout the day:

1. Be committed:

We know life is short, and who knows when our last day comes. Keep this in mind and connect with your priorities. When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself “How would I show up today if this is the last day of my life?” This is not some cheesy motivational exercise but a profound way to bring some urgency and commitment into your days. Live like tomorrow will not come, so shine bright today and chase your dreams.

2. Be smart:

Don’t give life a chance to act on you. Don’t let your time go waste when you have the potential to do wonderful things in life. Identify your strengths, acknowledge efforts of others. You can be a barber, a cook, a homemaker, a management trainee or a retired person –remember – the power to live my life to the fullest lies with me and me only. Get up, think big, inspire others and be the ONE people look out as an example.

3. Take risks:

Have faith in your abilities. Talk to yourself about what you want to achieve in life, and if what you are doing currently is helping you in achieving that in any way. Most of us are followers; we like to follow footsteps of others and are afraid to take chances. Bear in mind that leader always walks alone. If you are dedicated to a cause, it may take time to get completed but it can never fail. Hard work always pays – this is what my granny used to tell me and this is what I believe in.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Life & Inspiration

We all have dreams and try to raise our personal standards to achieve them. If we remain satisfied always, what will we aspire about? This world was built by people who felt some discontent with the way things were and knew they could do better. The greatest among us were not satisfied with the system. Think Newton, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Bill Gates, Einstein – they wanted to bring change and introduced a different type of development. Thomas Edison once said “Show me a completely contented person and I’ll show you a failure.”

Life inspired them in a different way and they chose to play a unique game than others. They used their creativity and talent to paint a new picture of this world. If THEY can do it, why can’t WE? Why should we remain behind? I think every human being has a ‘duty to shine’? So think what inspires you and what vision do you have for this world. If all like mined people start thinking the same way, what is there that cannot be achieved?

Here’s a small poem on inspiration written by one of my very good friends. (

What is inspiration and where does it come from?
Is it a word, a thought, or a story of valor?
Or is it my life, your life, or somebody's life that inspire?
Or it is something internal to us, is it that fire?
What makes me feel strengthened to see?
Even that moment or person is not related to me.
What makes me stand and take the call?
Even though I had a mighty fall.
Sometimes I feel the nature is saying,
Look the seas, the mountains, the rivers are playing.
I see the birds, the trees, and the rain
Teaching me and ease the pain.
I shut my eyes and look inside,
And let my thoughts decide,
That is there is still a lot to inspire me up,
And this is a lot to fire me up

Monday, December 15, 2008

Managing Relationships

Any good psychologist will tell you that one of the deepest needs of human beings is the need to belong. We are happiest when we feel connected to others – by being a part of a community. Anywhere across the world, staying aloof is not a very admirable choice. All of us want family and friends on whom we can depend during life’s happiness and sorrows. If we are happy, we need someone to share our joy with, and if sad we need a shoulder to depend on. Even in corporate world, top performing businesses make it a priority to build successful relationships with their customers to promote communication and collaboration.

Here is a list of few simple ideas for maintaining superb relationships.

1. Be the most positive person you know.
2. Be candid and never lie.
3. Give more that what you can take.
4. Say Please, Kindly and Thank you as many times you can.
5. Leave people better than you found them.
6. Be a world-class listener
7. Become passionately interested in other people.
8. Learn to ‘let it go’ and discover the joy in forgiving others for their mistakes.
9. Preach less, observe more.
10. Smile, stay happy and keep a cheerful face.

And here is a bonus point for you – Treat everyone with respect – always. Respect is one of the main ingredient to healthy relationships and definitely a very powerful law that can change the way you live.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Do you have time to Think & Thank?

We all are blessed in unique way. Some of us have brilliant jobs, others have money, few are loved deeply by their parents/lovers/kids/friends, we all have homes to live in, decent community to interact with, nutritious food to eat ....... the list goes on. Each of our encounters with outside world teaches us and shapes our prospective. I had a chance of meeting a CEO of a successful company last week. When I asked him the secret of his success, he smiled and said “I take out time to think and thank.” Every morning he spends 1 hour in deep reflection. He sits with his eyes closed and meditates for the day to come, thinks on action plan and thanks God for every moment that passes.

Taking out quality time from your busy routine is an excellent strategy for a successful day. Many people spend the best hours of their days agonizing over arguments, differences and non productive thoughts. Even though they are working but they, either do not put their best effort or mentally are occupied with happening of the past/worries of the future. All the energy, potential and time goes wasted through this way.

Being thoughtful and strategic is the number one step towards the route to greatness. Clarity always precedes success. By doing reflective thinking your wisdom will result in crisp and effective actions. Do not miss the “think and thank time” of the morning. It will provoke some amazing ideas and inspire some big dreams and others will be there to witness your success.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Let us learn to give

I just saw a beautiful program on Discovery. It was a documentary on a man from Congo who lost his wife, job, estate and home to the rebellions. He has three kids and nothing to feed them. What struck me hard was this man’s will to survive and to raise his children successfully. He doesn’t have a place to live but his eyes still sparkle of hope, of a better tomorrow. When the interviewer asked him how he plans to live now, he said that as long as he can walk on his own foot, he doesn’t fear future and will work hard to begin his life again from a new edge.
What an amazing fellow!

It’s being said that “Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to walk through it.” There are many among us who are ready to devote their energies to the positivity in life. We all have troubles in our own way but how are we helping those who live around us? What are we giving the world each day? How do we inspire others? Why can’t we be different from others who just know how to take, how to crib and how to gain self importance? Let’s be a ‘giver’, let’s all give peace, smile and good wishes to others (including Mother Nature) and let us all be incredible citizens. We have lot to be thankful about, start feeling grateful about gifts of life before it gets too late and you miss your chance to do so.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Losses of Mumbai

My sincere condolences to General Manager Karimbir Kang at his great loss - and my admiration for his steadfast performance of his duties - that is how terrorism is defeated. Sir you are an outstanding example to the free world.
For those of you who do not know Mr. Kang - His wife and two sons were staying at the hotel Taj, Mumbai. During the terror attacks, all three of them were killed mercilessly by terrorists. In spite of this tradegy, Mr. Kang (GM, Taj) continued to work endlessly to save the life of other innocents. Such is the courage of people of our country.