Saturday, August 28, 2010

Never let anyone turn you around

Life is full of surprises. At one moment you could have everything and at other - nothing. Having worked as a freelancer for years, I have learned a lesson - If you want to live happily, never let anyone turn you around". 

When you take a step towards new heights, you'll meet people willing to pull you down - simply for the fun of watching you scramble. In the world we live in, only the true leaders can see situations as a challenge. Only one belief keeps them running - Life has a very fair accounting system. Caring for others is always going to pay. The difficult times are the exact times to be generous. Be generous with your time, money, feelings, emotions, care, car, home, people - everything! Don't lock what you don't use behind the cupboards. Give away your gifts. Be philanthropic with your attention.  When the whole world is shrinking its vision, its the time for some to play it forward. Begin the reinvestment in simple acts of kindness and see your efforts getting logged into the social accounting system.

Falling in line doesn't mean giving up personal convictions. Design your own terms. Watch your WATCH - Wishes, A - actions, T - time, C - Character, H - Habits