Thursday, March 23, 2017

Being Like Water

I am an easy person. I don’t get into conflicts, raise my voice, or get influenced easily. Over the years, I’ve created plans for self-improvement, and tried spirituality to concentrate on ways that make me calmer.

So when this incident happened, within which I became a part of a rumour, and had to hear rubbish allegations, letting go became difficult. It was the situation of double confusion – my spirituality was telling my mind to let it go and move on, but my heart wanted to react – it wanted me to use strong words to reply back to the lady who had put me in a fix. And then I read somewhere – be like water.

Absolutely loved the concept of being open – rather than dominating my forcefulness, I tried to let my emotions go wherever there was an opening. I softened my hard edges (accepting that I too can be incorrect was difficult), and tried to become tolerant of others’ opinions. I pictured myself with same qualities as of water – free to flow, allowed myself to be soft, weak, and yet yielding, flowing delicately into the lives of those who created the hurt. I let my thoughts go beyond to enter their private inner selves, allowed them to see (perhaps for the first time) their own experiences with me – kept this image of me as gently coursing water, and watched my relationships change.