Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Anna's Leadership Values

Anna Hazare and the Indian Government
 The vision of "Let’s change India" by Anna Hazare are not three words anymore. It represents the power of people, the intoxication of patriotism and the future after tomorrow. There is much more to learn from Anna’s actions. The second Gandhi, who lived on nothing more than water for a week, delivered a performance that shook everyone from the Prime minister’s office to farmers of the tribal village of Orissa from where someone in our family is from.

His stint at Ramlila Maidan attracted record-breaking supporters in their quest of forwarding a bill aimed at bringing people who favor dishonesty to books. It provided impetus for passage of greater rights and the dismantling of dubious ways of some people.

There’s so much to learn from this. This is what I am taking, pick your choose:
Indian government as I see it!
  • Inclusive change
  • Better coalitions
  • Beliefs worth the risk
  • United we stand
  • Live to serve