Thursday, January 14, 2010

Practical spirituality – learning the art of passing smile

Corporate offices are full of people running in the mad race of showing each other down. In the language of a consummate, this is called ‘beating the competition’. Do we have time for ourselves? The answer is “NO”

And that’s why, we are not happy. There is something missing badly from our lives – and that is laughter.

Yes, people do laugh but most of the time it is on sarcastic comments that we all pass to each other casually. Where has the smile gone, I fail to see...

But we are smart – aren’t we? Whatever is going missing from our lives, we are nominating days to make up for that. Father’s day to express love for fathers, mother’s day to tell how amazing our mothers are – isn’t this irony of life that we need special days to remember all those special people who have shaped our lives? And have loved us beyond calculations to make us what we are today?

And on heights of all these days, there is laugher day – 16th Jan. Do we need a special day to remember that smile is costless, easy, helps us in making friends and is a gift in itself? If you are wise, tell me - why can’t everyday be the laughter day?

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Hi....I assume you are as beautiful as you write and keep it up. I have your link on my blog.