Friday, May 21, 2010

Why Birthdays Are a Big Deal?

People throw birthday parties, like to go out, shop, eat and have fun on their birthdays. Yes, it is the day they were born but what’s the big deal about it? Why can’t we be so cheery all the days in the year? Why do we need a special occasion for celebration?

How about making your whole life special? How about having a vision for the entire humankind and contributing into it daily through good wishes? How about leaving our meanness and extending our love to others selflessly? How about picking up the phone and calling your estranged sibling, with whom you haven’t spoken in the years and pretend that things are okay?

Why do we have limited visions, I don’t understand. Why we find it easy to talk to people sitting thousands of miles away from us on Facebook but have cold-wars at home? Life doesn’t need to be so complicated. We don’t have to be afraid because someone will snub us. We just have to be powerful enough to make our happiness becomes contagious.

And that’s what I am going to do on my birthday. That’s my vision for the next year – Give more than what people expect so that I can be happy that I did something good.


Mike said...

what a great post! I love the idea of happiness being so that contagious that it has power over others!

Anonymous said...

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janroz said...

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Joy said...

Really nice Nitima.
Hope your birthday (oops year) is going good.