Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Republic Day

Amar Jawan, Army Memorial, Kargil & Drass Road
Freedom in mind, faith in the words, pride in our hearts & memories in our souls. Let's salute the nation on Republic Day! Vande Mataram!!
Amar Jawan, Army Memorial, Kargil & Drass Road

Discipline, Patriotism & Patience to practice.


Payal said...

Jai Hind

Jay said...

Loved your posts.
Write more

Dr Jonathan said...

Such a GREAT GREAT post. Thanks for sharing and empower people.

Surya Sharma said...

hi nitima. i have been reading your posts for a while now and it has helped to think new and inspiring thoughts everybody which are unheard to me before.and i wanted to share one of them with you.
every once in a while it’s important to remember that your loved ones believe you when you don’ happens with me sometimes we are unsure of ourselves and have little faith of where we are heading.then you have to remember that sometime somebody believed you’ll do something’s important to remember those moments of me THEY DO HELP!

Sinom said...

Awsome images that charge us for Republic Day
Thank you.

Sandy Shaw said...

I like your blog post. Keep on writing this type of great stuff. I'll make sure to follow up on your blog in the future.
Indian Saints

Anonymous said...

Jai Hind