Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Time, Spirituality and Happiness

A corporate executive takes a vacation in a small coastal village. There, while strolling by the beach and taking in the scenery, he meets a fisherman who’s coming back after catching his day’s prize.
“How long do you take to get these two fishes?” he asks.
“About two hours” answers the guy.

“Why don’t you stay in the sea for a longer time and catch more?”
“Why? This much is sufficient. It meets the needs of my family.”

“But this takes you only two hours. What do you do for the rest of your day?”
“I play with children, take care of my plants, and spend time with my wife. Sometimes I go to other villages to meet my friends, we sit, talk, dance and make merry.”

The corporate lad says – “I am an MBA, and from my knowledge I can help you do so much more. You should spend more time in fishing, with which you can catch a few extra and sell them off to buy bigger boat. It will help you get more fishes, then you buy another boat and a third one and so on until you have your own fleet. Then you can expand to a bigger market, make more money and someday even build your own plant. As your spending power grows, you can move to a bigger city and direct your enterprise.

“Hmm….how much time would this all take?” asked the guy.
“About 20-25 years,” replied the executive.

“And what would I do after that?”
“When your company starts giving you that much profit, you can invite others to buy your stocks and make crores!” said the executive with excitement.

“Crores? Really? And then?”
“And then you’ll be able afford a retirement, live in a small village near to sea, leisurely catch a few fishes whenever you want, relax with your family and see your friends every other day”

Fully realizing benefits of the current time is bliss. Time management can only teach you some good ways of managing your time but you do to make it work is entirely on you. Ask yourself the hard questions everyday – what you want from life? Why are you doing the things you’re doing? If you want to be authentically happy, this is the only way.



Anybody following the story will definitely get onto the way of self improvement and will be achiever in his life.

Seema Friddle said...

Simple,gr8 N bombarding inspirational lines…

Nazik M said...

I wish to be like the fisherman, so free and happy! If only we all understood how easy it is to live, there wouldn't have been so much fights

Surya said...

Whenever I read any blog of yours my feels like I had a redbull!!
You kindle my Dreams, add fuel to my burning desires.
With Salute
Tons of thanks

Barnet Creon Abayo said...

What a great life am going to have after reading these entertaining conversation!

OM Chanting said...

Really liked this blog. It's very informative.