Saturday, April 8, 2017

Positive Thinking & Meditation

Positive thinking is overrated.
Let me give you an example – do you remind your name to yourself every day? “No”, right? Because you are so sure of it. You have been hearing it ever since you remember. You have developed a personality around it, and act according to it. That’s the surely you name has brought into your life.

So why not be sure of everything? Every task, situation, relationship – why not have the confidence that you have the power to sought it through? Why not practice spirituality at work and become the most awesome version of yours?
Searching ‘Positive Thinking’ on Google gives 2,96,00,000 results. More the interpretations, more the confusion over it. Let’s simplify:
  1. Positive thinking is the art of believing that everything is perfectly like as it is supposed to be. It doesn’t mean you keep on reminding yourself that. It means, you believe that.
  2. It is constant meditation. Being positive means to be in touch with your inner being and taking even the minutest decisions like ‘what to wear’ or ‘how to lose weight’ (in my case J) with peace. Playing meditation music in the mornings helps to build the mood.
  3. It reduces influx of stray thoughts, and keeps your mind focussed.
  4. It induces creativity. With a calmer mind, you observe more, and become less judgemental.
Nothing else, but a lot more. Keep on discovering!
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Shine on :-)


Shauna said...

I like your point where you say positive thinking can't happen without meditation. You call it that, we call it prayer. It's all about going within own thoughts and then reflecting your peace outside, isn't it?

Jeevanacharya said...

Good Blog
Always postitive thinking is needed for any person

Learn Digital Marketing said...

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bollyTUBE said...

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Rajeev Singhal said...

Thanks for sharing such a useful information. I appreciate your blog post.
Spirituality is the greatest richness that can happen to a human being.