Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Learning From the Courage & Compassion of Indian Army

Whenever I am down, I read stories of Indian Army. Knowing that people can sacrifice so much, live in sub zero temperature, leave their newly born kids to a single whistle of duty, guide expeditions to places where no one has gone so far – all for the love of country – is amazing.

India was born rich but unfortunately our neighbours weren’t. Being surrounded by countries like China, Pakistan & Bangladesh there is not much scope to rest for these brave men. When we talk of stress, we fail to consider those who eat, sleep & work in stress, the stress of life, not knowing what would tomorrow bring and still they manage to spread the good cheer around– there is so much to be learnt from life, literally.

In management, we offer talk about ‘mindset’ of doing things & of getting them done. But what about ‘heartset’? Heartset is not even a word in English – isn’t it necessary for leaders to have heartset as well? A high performing individual operates with articulated strategy and displays mental excellence in every step.

Courage always goes hand in hand with compassion. This is what Indian Army has – unlimited courage and undying compassion for country. This is what I strive to achieve


SD said...

The Indian defence forces parade on the Paris Champs Elysées was a great success. It was a pleasure for french people to have their indian friends for the national day. Thanks
Best regards.
SD (pour convaincre)/

indranil said...

indian army is the soul of every indian so respect it and in due consideration i would like to see if womens r respected in indian army

vande mataram