Monday, July 13, 2009

Ways to Get Up Early...

While I was a kid, my parents used to say
Early to bed
Early to Rise
Makes a man
Healthy, Wealthy & Wise
Its strange how the very first things learnt in childhood remain true for the whole of your life. Waking up early is a gift to yourself that each one of use should preset to the self. We have seen how leaders win their fight against time..There is so much to achieve and influence and so less hours in a day....

So what is the solution? Wake up early, see the morning sun rising and feel its power charing you up for the whole day. I thought it might be a good idea to share how to get up early and you can follow if you like:

1. Exercise:
Never miss exercise of the day. A good work out always keeps us active, when we need to.

2. Meditate:
Take out 30 minutes of your time and meditate. Meditation, if done correctly, can help you to control wasteful but time consuming thoughts and you can concentrate in a better way.

3. Take a massage:
I don’t take it regularly but it might help YOU. Massage can relax your body muscles and control your blood pressure. Let the negativity move out through it.

4. Spare a thought to your core values
‘Who you are?’ and ‘What do you stand for?’ Think about the values on which you would like to base your life and evaluate if what you are doing currently is helping you in achieving it. It isn’t tough but you have to learn to sit with yourself sometimes.

Giving 1-2 hours to these activities will ensure that you remain more productive during your working hours and who wouldn’t want that?

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Michelle said...

I love this blog and what you have to say. I plan on returning often. I am studying with a man who has started a blog on similar subjects. Please feel free to check in there as well.