Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lessons That I Learnt From Indian Army

One of my childhood wishes was to join the Army. Unfortunately, my eyesight did not support me and I had to drop the idea at the age of 13. But Indian Army still inspires me to the core and not a single day passes when I don’t think about the men (and the women!!) in green.

There is so much for which I adore it – first being the team spirit. I don’t think anyone can display better selflessness than the brave soldiers, who I don't know how get the guts to put their lives at risk every single day.

It has a 'young force', the people from gen Y and their motivation is worth noticing. They are the ones who don’t have worldly longings like us, those who never complain of aching, who can sacrifice the comfort of home beds for sub zero temperatures of Siyachin , leaders who fight against all odds and those who know that to achieve something, you have to give up a lot.

Love them for what they are, for without them India is a broken country.


folic acid said...

It is really very inspirational article. I really like it. Wonderful incident! Thank you for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Really Nitima, very beautifully written.

Arjun Singh said...

My son is in the Army and for families like like us, it's good to know that people care.

Arjun Singh, CHD