Saturday, August 29, 2009

Do you have a kid in you?

Its 7 p.m. here in India right now. While coming from office today (yes! We work on Saturdays) I bumped into neighbourhood kids. I asked them that what they did today and pat came the reply – “we played”.

It made me think – as adults, how often do we play? By playing I mean it in true sense - in the playground -a cricket, football or rugby match? Why do we adults think that we have hundreds of responsibilities on our head? Why are we always stress? Why is our enjoyment limited to going out for movies, shopping, parties, eating out, chatting unnecessary with people around?

True that we need these activities as well to let our presence known and stand tall in the social arena, but where has the kid in all of us gone? The kid who wanted to steal every opportunity to play, to get dirty on the ground, the kid who knew no boundaries, no tensions, no stress .........

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Padma said...

The kid in us is still there. It is buried under social conditioning. If we can go beyond it, the kid in us will shine forth. Try – it is rejuvenating.