Friday, October 16, 2009

Identify the Leader in You

If you want to be great in life, know thyself and live in present. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery but today is a gift and that is why it is called “Present”. Live in the moment, it will help you in two ways:
  1. What you are doing right now will pave a way for your future. So if your thoughts are of best quality and you are doing with work with utmost sincerity, the future will become like that. According to the Karmic Philosophy, we reap what we sow. So, sow good deeds and reap their benefits.
  2. Use your creative power to get rid of old habits, unsolved issues. Let the past go, only then you will be able to make the place for future. See it like this – If you have a cabinet which is filled with old clothes and junk, where will you keep the new stuff? And since you will not be able to make space for the new things, you will keep on looking at the junk and feel bad about it or carry a feeling of guilt within. To make yourself happy, give yourself this one gift on Diwali – give away the junk of your mind or a bad habit that you know will do you harm later. Enjoy the newness around because the world needs people like YOU who are different that the rest and possess the inner strongness that no one else has.

BTW: Diwali is the biggest festival in India and its tomorrow, 17th Oct. It is also known as the festival of light and I must say to those who haven’t seen Diwali in India – You are missing something too big in life. Visit us once to see what humans who are lit with happiness from mind can do. The scene at night is worth thousands of dollars. Every home sparkles with lights, colourful lights and candles. It is WONDERFUL.


earthling said...

Hi Natima

If my birthday is October 17th, do I get any extra freedom from old bad habits?

Have you been to the Lotus Temple in Delhi?


Nitima Sood said...

Hi Earthling,
Birthday is an occasion to celebrate and do it by giving up habits that hurt.

honey said...

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