Monday, October 26, 2009

Value of Time

“Know the value of time” – A very common proverb but the most ignored proverb. Time passes with every moment. If I am not making use of it right now, I am wasting the most prized possession of mine. Time is an entity which is common and equal for all. No matter which country, cast, religion we are from, we all get 24 hours in a day. Some people spend their day in sleeping and doing activities which does not add any value to the humanity as a whole while others work hard to make their ends meet.

If you want to be stress free and live an extraordinary life, you will have to get ahead of time. Here are some pointers that can help:

  • Give up laziness – just give it up
  • Don’t postpone work, do it now.
  • Don’t involvement yourself in enjoyable activities such as watching TV, listening music, relaxing or a get together with friends till the time you have completed your work.
  • Be truthful to yourself. You have to be your own teacher.
  • Make a timetable for the day and stick with it.
  • Be strong willed.
  • Know what is right and then do IT

I can go on like this but I guess everybody else is smarter than me. I hope you have got the message - Know the Value of Time

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