Monday, March 8, 2010

What have Human Beings Become?

There’s an earth-quake coming every week. Countries like Nigeria, Afghanistan, Congo are on verge of breaking into pieces. Can’t believe that on one side of the world people are dying in hundreds, some countries don’t have legislature to protect their citizen’s basic right of living and then there are those who are worried about Oscars, Rahul Mahajan’s incredibly stupid acts, IPL, weapons, Paris Hilton’s dresses – It’s amazing – the insensitiveness of individuals makes me wonder – ARE WE HUMANS? Animals are better– at least they are away from the feelings of hypocrisy, jealously and hatred.

Come-on people, wake up. This world needs thinkers; it needs those can think of a world governed not by selfish interests but by love, peace and harmony.

Or we want nature to shake us...


Rhiannon said...

oh I could not agree with you more with what you said in this post. Maybe all these horrific things are happening all over the world, in order to "shake us up" and wake us up to more love, caring, compassion for others and not to be so darn selfish and deceitful and so angry and mean to others all the time. Maybe "spirit" is speak to us..but are we listening?..hmmmm..

Shahir A. Razak said...

Wow, that is deep. I truly support that but maybe it's just because they don't truly feel what the people halfway across the world feel. But some don't even need the experience to feel pity. They are the generous people, and some are even artists who knows that their wealth isn't their own. An example is the Artists For Haiti benefit. They made the video, We Are The World 25 For Haiti to show their love and every download money the song gets flows to the Haiti Fund and that's a lot of downloads. Now that's what I call generous.