Saturday, March 20, 2010

How To React When Relationships Demand Compromise?

Maintaining relationships with extended family is not easy. You may have a good synchronization with few of them, but keeping everyone contented sometimes becomes tough.

I don’t know about other countries but in India, many of us have lost the value of the word “FAMILY”. We have forgotten what it’s like to be in a lovable relationship, to give without worrying about taking and to compromise on your happiness for the sake of family.

When you are on a path of becoming better, problems do come. Situations take you test at every instance. So, if something happens with you that you don’t like, what do you do? Chances are that most of us REACT than ACT. We immediately let our disappointment show without giving a thought to the other person’s feeling.

And this is what ‘Karma Philosophy’ has taught me – “Always do you good, best things will follow”. Trust me; it’s not too painful to have a big heart. Just believe in giving. Promise yourself to give something to everyone you meet, don’t worry if you don’t have anything because if nothing else, then give Happiness. It would be your biggest virtue and you will never suffer for it. This is what I am learning; hope to become better along the way.

Love you guys!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Nitima I am really so impressed by your thoughts.Family is a combination of love and trust.Trust is an essential thing in making a family.It is a great thing to have a courage and endurance to provide love and affection to others.I think living for others is a real life of a person to devote his life for others sake and happiness.

Rhiannon said...

This post is so true..and I do "pay it forward" it comes back to you somehow in some way almost always..and even if it doesn't it's still good to show love and be compassionate and caring for others feelings.