Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is Skill On War?

I met a group of entrepreneurs last week, all gathered to talk about building a more civilized work place. During the course of our conversation, almost all of them emphasized that much more important than building teams is to retain them. 

Skill sells like hot cake in today’s job market and even though it is nonsense, the war of talent has become time-consuming. For someone eager to win the “war of skills”, two lessons can define the whole strategy:

Do not believe in single superstars – because all of them can perform – seriously. Just give them time, space and confidence.

Create systems that are greater than people - because even the most talented person can fail in a bad system, and seemingly mediocre individuals can become shining stars in a great system.


April Scott said...

We need to find out innovative ways of controlling the brain drain - it has literally left our company in ruins.

Anonymous said...

Can the skill be priced? What do you cay?

Anonymous said...


Jerry said...

Of course it is one war. Skill is what sells into the market now (along with a bit of cheapness)