Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is Facebook Worth $67.5 Billion?

Some say Facebook is worth much more than $67 billion. Facebook is no longer just a social networking site; it is steadily becoming a better way to search the internet. Last night, I was desperately trying to find a phone number for an art gallery. I checked Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, Delhi Buzz and couple of other websites but nowhere I could find the right info. Also, the art gallery's own website was down. Finding myself out of options, I tried out Facebook. The art gallery did have its own Facebook page, and not only they had listed the correct phone number, but it also had the information I was looking for. I did not even have to call the gallery. Basically, the old www. internet is broken and outdated. There was a gigantic need for a more organized/easy way to access the right information on the internet and Facebook was the answer.


William Aurthur said...

It is definitely worth much much more than that.

Kevin said...

Yes William I agree - its definitely worth more than that. Just got up from watching 'The Social Network' - makes me think - should I also sue mark zuckerberg for stealing my dreams and creating them into FB?

William said...

Hi Kevin,

I am sure you could do that only if you ever had any tangible proof of stealing

Jeetander said...

I love FB

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