Monday, March 28, 2011

Earthquake in Japan, the Nuclear Crisis & Me

Earthquake in Japa
Last one month has been phenomenal – there have been quakes, fights, eruption of anger, and the mother of all crises – nuclear catastrophe. Surrounding all this are we – The People.  What is my part in saving Japan and the rest of the world from something that big?

Situations like these bring the best out of people. Oneness, ingenuity springs up when the times are tough, making the power of community remarkable. Bravo to those courageous folks who have contributed in easing the pain of suffering. 

Nuclear Reactor, Russia
What am I doing? That’s a question I have asked myself time and again? I want to do my bit too and that I do by sitting in peace few minutes every one hour and sending the vibrations of pure love, good wishes and positivity. There’s a lot needs to be done and I haven’t become strong enough to remain glued to one thought for more than few minutes but the process of learning is on.
Care to join?


Astha Nair said...

I hope people learn that we can play with nature always from this situation and do something about it.

A said...

We were there at that time and things were horrible. I just can't forget the experience.


Sneha said...

Of course.
We are with you. I liked the idea of sitting in peace every one hour and have started to practice it daily.


Anonymous said...

What happened at Japan was devastating.
It makes me feel afraid. There's so much I want to do for the people and your way definitely helps.