Sunday, March 18, 2012

Positive Thinking in Practise

When words are sweet, there is a positive impact. Staying constantly cheerful isn't an issue, if only we know how to do it. Sweet words are like flowers, when given to others brings happiness and spread love.  Harsh words are like stones that hurt.  Harsh words emerge when there is some weakness working within us. 

So what do? 

Try not saying anything that is not sweet. If a situation does arise where you feel compelled to say something not so good and nice, move away from there. Till you're not sure that you'll not speak nasty words, do not come back to that situation. What works at this time is to try and resolve that point in mind so that you don't speak words that leave a negative impact and make you feel bad later.

It helps, just try!


Luke said...

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Micky Delringo said...

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Anonymous said...

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keshav said...

what i feel is that sometimes you do need to speak words which are not sweet. i am not talking about abusing, but being straight forward. plus, somehow i feel that if you concentrate hard on what you are going to say, you lose a sense of what you actually want to say. the whole communication becomes artificial. of course, one must try not to use harsh words, but too much emphasis on sweetness can too also become counter productive.

Royace said...


This is an outstanding learning. I saw this on FB page. Thank you so much. God bless you. God bless your parents. God bless all in India and outside India too. I am sharing this on all social media’s so as to empower others free of cost.

Domonic said...

We require such positive reminders time to time to de stress ourselves..

Lisa said...

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