Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Tribute to Jaspal Bhatti

The favorite comedian of masses died yesterday. Like many others, I also thought it was just an act of fun and I'd soon find myself laughing at his newest gag. But it wasn't.  Can’t believe he’s not coming back. 

I grew up watching Flop Show on DD and its subsequent reruns on all the major channels, and still loved it so much that I downloaded all its episodes. The enormous data meant I had to buy an additional hard disk, but Flop Show deserved it. I have quoted dialogues from the show on countless occasions, and still can't stop breaking into laughter at the simplicity (but intelligence) of this brilliant human being who had the God-gifted talent to make everyone breezy.

Jaspal Bhatti gave the gift of clever comedy to the Indian cinema. No person has ever inspired such creativity or set such high standards for this beautiful art. Our laughter originated from Jaspal Bhatti and his spirit will forever be the foundation of humor.

Jaspal Bhatti in action

I still hope this news of his dying is bogus, but if this is what the world-drama wants, let the soul depart into its new birth peacefully and continue to spread its cheerfulness. God bless his family.


Surinder Singh said...

The seriousness of Jaspal Bhai's comedy could be gauged from the fact that the Election Commission of India last year engaged him as their brand ambassador for their awareness campaign.

Anonymous said...

This was the day he was to end\ his over 40-day promotional tour of his latest film Power Cut in Punjab's cultural capital Jalandhar. The film, which sees the launch of his son Jasraj, is to be released Friday.

Love SMS said...

A legend in comedy lost with the untimely death. I still remember vividly his shows in DD which was the hallmark of comedy series to come. A loss that can never be filled. May his soul rest in peace

Renu said...

His parting gift: 100 watt smile

Sam said...

We as Canadians feel really very sorry for king of comedy Jaspal Bhatti who left us half way through.Bhatti ji was always our ideal and will be forever. Waheguru ji please give power to the family. Jaspal ji we will miss you forever.