Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Scenic Leh

Barcha La Pass (Manali-Leh Highway)

Like the days before, we began our journey early to make sure nothing misses our eyes due to sunset. The Manali-Leh highway is as amazing as you can possibly imagine. Here's an image of a small pond just below BarchaLa pass.
Barcha La Pass 
Sarchu Camps

On the way to Leh

When you come from Manali, the green mountains with green pastures of Rothang slowly pass you by and you find yourself in the company of the beautiful Chandra river. The drive is pleasant with scenic tiny villages. After you cross Jispa, get ready to meet the mighty Barcha La pass which remains in snow almost whole through the year, which makes it absolutely white with no distinction between the sky and the earth other than a tiny stretch of bump-less road. From here, we drove down from snowy mountain peaks to plain lands and reached Sarchu. Here, you can camp for a night and wake up to majestic mountains and scenic river running in a deep gorge.

With the elements of greenery leaving you for a snow covered mountains, the road climbs up or down endlessly to show you some of the nature's best scenery. The huge solid mountains at distances that looked unscalable are only minutes away from being driven on.

Barcha La

It was our first stint with snow after years and we didn't want any moment to go waste. Since we went in late September, there wasn't even a single tourist around, which made the whole trip more amazing.

The rivers don't want to left behind, so they follow you everywhere you go!
Leh route

The journey to this range of Himalayas is full of contrasts and extremes with a beauty than lies mainly in the variety. Here, its only mountains, sky, wind and you!
Mesmerizing contrast of mountains & sky 

People here are so friendly in the rough terrain that you just can't help smiling when they greet you with an affectionate "Juley".

The wilderness of Leh

Beautiful lakes, Bro-maintained highway, stunning mountain passes, a LPG pumping station, century old monestries, a golf course and lots of have all these stuff here that you wouldn't find anywhere else than Laddakh.

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