Saturday, April 20, 2013

Killing English - Desi (and sometimes Videshi) Istyle

Hi Folks,

Here's the collection of some English errors I've found during the last six months of observation. I have tried to distinguish these commonly-found English errors under some basic heads. Let me know if there's a better way of sorting.

Print errors that made it to the common man:

English error in Times of India 

No link between the two - how can they make such errors

Print errors in English


Ibrahim said...

Dear Nitima Mam…
Goood day to u, mam…I have been readng ur blog long tym,now n I really lik them..I would love to meet u some day soon,InshAllah….

Seema said...

THANK YOU for sharing such hilarious images. Keep giving like this so that I can laugh to see the errors others make.

Sunaila said...

Funny nitima. Keep up publishing the good work.

Bert Jung said...

The news items that you've posted are quite old. You can try for newer ones now.