Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gaining Life out of Lost Moments!!

A philosopher once said: “Most people take the limits of their vision to be the limits of the world. A few don’t – join them.”

This is surely a superb point. The life that you see this very moment isn’t necessary the life of your future. May be right now you are viewing situations with the eyes of fear, rejections, limitations and false assumptions and you would be able to see a clearer picture once you wash off the stain from the glass window.

One of my good friends lost her life partner last month. Though she is a strong person and has her family supporting her completely in this moment of grief, she sometimes feels lonely and depressed. I don’t know what to say except – “this too shall pass”. I know it is difficult to face a situation like this but we all have to see some tough days, may be these are hers...

As Robert Frost says “one thing that is learnt about life through experience is that it goes on.”

No one is born with a guarantee of having a wonderful life – our attitude makes all the difference and this girl is certainly trying to cope up with the loss. I have seen many people who are filled with uncertainty and negativity; however there are still so very many great human beings out there – those who carry deep wisdom, who have big hearts and do not give up easily. We need to salute them and learn from their spirit as they gain life even out of lost moments.

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Anonymous said...

Death is just a stage in the progress of the soul. It is very similar to birth.

When we are alive in the womb, we attain attributes we need during life on earth, such as legs and lungs. Then we are born from a small dark place into this big bright world.

During life on earth we attain attributes we need in the next world, such as faith, hope and love. Then we are born from this small dark place into a big bright world.