Friday, March 27, 2009

Power of the Mind

What is your ultimate competitive advantage? How can you do things differently than others?

To be successful, one needs to control his/her mind. It is said that “Wars are fought between the minds of great men”. Everything we see today was an idea some time back. Edison fancied luminosity, so created bulb, Gandhi wanted to see equal rights for everyone, so started ‘Non Cooperation Movement’, people wanted to stay connected while on move, so mobile phones were invented, BMW thought of making a car that could change shapes automatically and designed GINA......

It’s the ideas that keep the human race going. People like us make the difference in history of mankind and we know that everything begins with a small step. The mind has to be focussed enough to follow dreams, otherwise what is the fun of living? Live an extraordinary life, do what you dream of doing, take risks and be a person who has tried a lot of different things.

I know that you know that there is no joy living a dull life.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


It was an great post... just a little mistake....Gandhiji's Non-Cooperation Movement and not Non-Corporation Movement.

Keep doing the great work...Cheers!!!

happygolucky said...

Today I was wondering if I would ever find a blog that would inspire me..... just before I clicked on yours, amazing!
I like this post a lot.