Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Start Something New Now

Last night I watched a program on Discovery channel. It was on U2 (Early days of their career). Do you know that they drew only 9 people to a gig? 9 people. U2.
We often refrain from living our dreams thinking that Those Great Ones are different from us. This is not at all true. The people we admire - whether in entertainment or professional lives, or society - started from a dream and nothing else. But what counted is that - they started. And each day – without a break - they promoted their vision, worked towards making it move ahead. From few audience to hundreds, to thousands - to become one of the major rock band in the world.

So start attempting to move your closely cherished ideals forward. Start somewhere. And start now. Do that please - The world needs you being at your best. Can’t think of anything better right now than R Kelly’s popular song ‘I Believe I Can Fly’.


Anonymous said...

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Flavius Akerele said...

Here here!

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