Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Managing Stress

On the occasion of my friend’s marriage, I met a finance professional who has recently been asked by Coca Cola to be its Asia-Pacific head. As many people understand, it is a huge opportunity for anyone who aims to be CEO someday. This person is however not happy. Beyond the courtesy smiles he is a hollow person. He tells painfully that in his quest of becoming professionally big, he lost his family. His wife left him as he couldn't handle office stress effectively and children barely know him as he never had time for them.

Putting family, along with health, should always be the top priority for each one of us. Family matters too much and some people realise that only after they chase their dreams to reach a level only to find themselves along there.

Devotion to work is good but it shouldn’t cross the line to become stress. As adults, we teach our children to view the world and they will follow our leads. So let’s make a smart choice today. Let us have a look at our priorities again and restructure our lifestyle a little so that we can have a happier today as well as tomorrow.


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