Thursday, April 16, 2009

About the Lessons of Life

“Why do people lie?” “Why are they afraid to accept responsibility of mistakes that they have done?” – These questions struck in my mind while I was on morning walk today.

From the experiences of elders I have learnt that learning from mistakes is important to stay vibrant, otherwise a human being becomes stale. It is not the sign of wisdom if a person doesn’t understand the significance of lessons of life. A weakness that most people have is that they don’t analyse situations from analytical blend of mind.
To let go your past and to see every day as a new day, you need to spend some time with yourself – not to count how much you earned or what good/bad happened during the day, but to analyse how is each day helping you to become a better person.

‘Conversation with self’ reduces stress drastically as it gives you a chance to see an open door of opportunity that you would have otherwise missed. Today can be the first day of your new life; you can shine with all your might – it’s all about choice.

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mlgena said...

Hi! I like this article of yours and I can truly relate to it. I have just gotten out a very rocky situation and yes it was hard to move on and let go but behind all that I realized a lot of things and the lessons I have learned has made me strive for the better outcome. Its true that not all the time you can get everything that you want but it does not mean that you should stop from achieving your goals.

And yes it is nice to have some time alone because you have more time to analyze, reflect and meditate on your life. It relaxes me more because I can truly see what aspects in my life I have to focus on. And it is nice to decide what is best for your own.