Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Simple Meditation

In today’s world where everyone is running around to get “more”, how peaceful are you? Are you confident that if something unpleasant happens tomorrow, you will be able to maintain your composure? How strong you are internally?

I had these doubts among others when I began on the path of meditation . With time, I have learnt a lot – I have learnt to stay happy and at peace with myself– I have imbibed the values of forgiveness, punctuality, politeness, peacefulness and off-course love. I have understood that contentment comes from within.
I am sharing today a simple formula for meditation which you can include easily in your daily routine to experience a tranquillity that each one of us has.

Each morning before beginning the journey of the day, practice to sit still in silence for 10 minutes. Use the time to sow the seed of peace.

Give yourself these few minutes and see its effect last 24 hours.