Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let the Fire Burn from Inside

I was going through and was amazed by reading the responses of people who have been laid off due to recession. The positivity some exhibit is worth praising. Many understand that success doesn't come easily and you don’t have to be the most intelligent/gifted/strong to taste it.

You only need a ‘free spirit’ to feel it. Let the fire burn inside you, let the desire of doing something ‘GREAT’ motivate you, let the passion grow wild in the belief that wonderful things have happened and will happen again. On the stage of the world, we all are actors. So let’s play our part to the fullest. Say no to regrets.

Life is ‘happening’ now; it’s not the time to get lost in minor issues of jealously, anger or feelings of the wrong doing. Work intelligently to upgrade every element of your life – from relationships to career, from health to wealth and from thinking big to making IT big.
So light up your fire – don’t bend under the stress of responsibilities, enjoy them. Look in the mirror and remember who you are. And all that you've dreamed of being. And then act. And when you get knocked down or discouraged or afraid. Get back up. Light up the fire again. And stoke it until it blazes. It is time to move on

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rajesh said...

ya great blog , i am rajesh from chennai,india.