Thursday, November 19, 2009

Food for thought

I met a middle aged couple, both of them serving at the board positions in different countries. Loved their zest for work and life. The way they truly love and repect each other is remarkable. They have a wonderful aura of positivity around them and its difficult not to get impressed my them. I asked them what their secret was and they replied
"When making your choice in life, do not neglect to live".


Anonymous said...

Hi Latima

I like to read your blog every once in a while to see what other bloggers are writing about. Thank you for reminding me to keep my stories happy and optimistic.

I also like reading a blog being written in India. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA right now. I may have to move soon though.

I'm struggling to figure out a way to earn a living right now. I want to be a professional writer, but I'm not sure how practical it is. I've been writing stories on my free Google Sites website and my blog at My email is

I agree that spirituality is the most primal instinct in human nature.


Nitima Sood said...

Hi Bob,

Nice to hear from you. You write well, I have read your blog & stories. Keep practising

food management degree said...

I like your thoughts!! Waiting for your More Blog Post!!