Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thought Conditioning And Stress Management

Why do we feel stressed? Why sometimes there is a sudden desire of shouting on someone to tell people that I am right and they are wrong? Why sometimes motivation from life suddenly disappears?

The answer lies in thoughts and their conditioning. Thought power drives us, makes us feel delighted or saddens us. When something happens according to us, our thoughts condition the mind to feel happy. If someone says something to us that we don’t like, our thoughts start to run with such a speed that it usually gives us a headache.

Motivation is a very refined feeling of thoughts when your mind programming becomes positive. One of the most successful ways of doing that is to meditate. It now only calms our mind but also puts a brake on our thoughts which otherwise just flow unconditionally. By the way, do you know that on an average how many thoughts come into our mind in a day? 25,000 – 30,000. Amazed?

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Rajesn RCN said...

30,000 thoughts? Are you kidding????
I never knew we can think so much. Is your data correct??