Saturday, December 19, 2009

Forgive, Forget and Move on

We live in a world directed by feelings of people towards each other. ‘Selfish interests’ have become so prominent in our lives that our every action is filled by it. There are many who practise a very limited compassion for others. In their quest of growing, they overlook the ethics. Wise men tell us that “money can get us everything but a character” – some things are so true and they remain so as long as we live.

And that teaches me a lesson – forgive, forget and move on. There are so many things happening around – people dying of hunger, countries are at risk of getting drowned, earthquakes rattling homes, children getting born on streets and what not. It just takes a second to change your feelings from annoyance to gratitude – and thank God, I am good in this.

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Faith Hoffen said...

I love that! That is great advice. If everyone could do that that would make the world such a better place.

That picture is so gorgeous too; so calm:)

Faith Hoffen

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