Monday, December 28, 2009

Time to stop being a donkey!

Sticking to past is an easy task. We have become so used to it to even realize that most of the time our thoughts are dominated by things of past. Is it learning from mistakes or living them all over again?

Look into the mirror of introspection – we are carrying the weight of past so tightly on our shoulders that our heart aches. So cheerless has become the ways of living that some people are wasting their lives of it. Sad – isn’t it?

Here’s a basic funda that I have learnt from spirituality – see you life as a movie. You see, then I get this feeling that ups and downs are part of every movie. What is the fun of it when it is all very very good and there’s no villain or problem? When we watch, we know that the hero will come out of everything ultimately. Same way, life of each of us should be seen as a motion picture in which every one of us is playing the most important part. Simple – no strings attached!

Now, let’s stop being a donkey. Let’s stop smiling at ourselves that we are the so called ‘smart’ people on this earth who are living our lives in the best possible way. Darling, this is the time to change – if we are good, let’s become better. Let us mould our characters and imbibe more values. Let us show to the world who we are and let us become more will powered.