Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My India Today

State of Affairs in today's world is disturbing. I can't believe I live in a country where parts of it are so affected by terrorism.

We talk of saving tigers, we have socialists dressed up in khadi and blabbering all the useless things, but where is it all leading to? My first reaction is when I see such discussions on TV - "Do hell with it". What about saving humanity? Are we even inclined to do that?

Yesterday, there was a massacre and 75 of my brave countrymen were killed – they left behind 75 families in despair, parents, wives, children - all asking just one question - "What is our fault?" And indeed, what is their fault? We have no doubt on our infantry services. We know they believe in tit for tat. I just hope government wakes up and does something worthwhile and the ever hyped media, for a change forget what Sania Mirza is doing and cover something substantial... And I hope my countrymen realise there is something more to life that cricket and IPL.

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