Sunday, April 25, 2010

Staying healthy from mind

In this world of uncertainty, keeping your body fit can sometimes be a challenge. From morning till night, we are so engrossed in our routines that sometimes we even forget what the body requires.

My post is not about promoting self indulgence in such a way that there’s nothing else to do. To have a healthy body, a healthy thinking is what we need. We would never eat rotten food because we know what it is not healthy and eating it would give rise to problems. But how many of us notice the thoughts that we feed into our mind throughout the day? Our whole day is spent in creating negativity and the feeling of jealously, hatred, fear, ignorance and anger – all the wasteful thoughts – and then at the end of our day, we get a feeling that “I don’t know why, but I don’t feel happy”.

Why is sadness, low self esteem and depression is on high? Why do we feel lonely even when we are surrounded with people? And for that matter, why have our nights become sleepless?

The answer my friends is not the candle in the wind but it is to watch what we feed our mind. We reap what we sow and if someone is reaping wrong feelings for others, how can he or she expect happiness in return?

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