Saturday, July 31, 2010

The A, B, C & D of life

When hardship hits, our instinctive reaction is “what will happen to me? My home? My family? My work?”

It has become natural to start pulling in. Some people, you must have noticed, immediately get into protective mode. They try to pull in and preserve their domains. It has become human nature today.
Is this living the life as it comes? How about not acting on fears and narrowing our vision but standing for what we believe is right and getting rid of our own limitations? The simplest way to do it is by learning the basics again. So, let’s begin

A: is for accuracy. We must try and deliver everything with unmatched accuracy not only when we are working professionally but at home, with people as well. Remember, if no one’s ever going to see, it doesn’t make leaving the table messy after you’ve had food is alright. No – it isn’t. Just imagine – if someone would pay you to do it, would you then also leave it like that? No, isn’t it? Yes! I know money is a great driving force but is it ethical to be lazy?

A is also for alertness. The more alert a person would get, the better will be accuracy and of course – the end product. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are doing it with accuracy and alertness, you are bound to make it perfect.


rita said...

I don't know girl how you manage to get such fresh ideas into your writings. Just love reading what you pen down.

Vyras Kambozika said...

Hey, do you write for websites too? I am from Itlay, planning to launch my own cafe. Would you be kind enough to share your thoughts on it.

Vyras Kambozika

Ryhan Suktrotoma said...

Beautifully written

The white drawf said...

Hey Nitima,

I was searching for a story that I could teach my kids at school and found your alphabets on life's qualities that one must have. Really liked it, do you mind if I use your writings in my class?

Thank you

Lata Shinde said...

What a view point? I have read your profile to know that you do meditation daily. Do you think it helps?

Nitima Sood said...

Rita, I take my ideas from what I learn. My life is not more extraordinary than yours - just look around. There will be plenty around you as well.

Vyars - You can take my contact details from Send me a mail, I'll get back to you asap.

White Dwarf - Feel free to use anything you like here. All I ask is not to delete author's name.

Ryhan & Lata - Thanks for your kind comments