Friday, July 9, 2010

The Change Management of Life

How often you feel angry on others? If something unpleasant happens, are you able to control your mind at the right time or do you keep on thinking about it the whole day?

Generally, our thoughts drive us. It is our perception about other people; situations etc. that make us react. We are so used to keeping thoughts running on our mind that we don’t even realise how much wasteful things is happening inside us. Have you ever noticed how easily we get affected by outside scenario? When we meet an irritating person, we get irritated too.

Have you ever noticed why?

Because we have become takers of negativity, ego, anger, frustration and waste. This needs to be changed. The thinking has to become positive. With the power of positivity, we refuse to give up. Remember, though situations don’t last but tough people do.

Let us try to be a better person. It will change everything around you, because change always begins from inside. If I’ll change, the WORLD will change with me.


Anonymous said...

Thought power can make us do whatever we want. Rightly written

Smita Pillai said...

Changing ourselves is the biggest challenge. I don't know about you but for me, it is a lifetime work. I am not sure if I am gonna be able to do it right?

Sean Seaglles said...


Nitima Sood said...

Smita - its just a phase. You'll pass through it convincingly only if you don't give up.

Noah built the ark said...

I attended a lecture on how we shorten our lives by getting angry easily. You are so very right - its our thoughts that drive us crazy