Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Maintaining Balance Between Head & Heart

Its a delicate balance that most of us fail to maintain.

In our interactions with others, we sometimes only use the head, i.e., my logic.  Yes, that does bring us to a logical level and enables us to understand the facts very clearly.  But if you keep myself limited only to the facts, you tend to forget to use your heart.  Then we are not available to the other person and fail to understand them.

So, what's the solution?

In order to be successful in all our interactions with others,  have the right balance between your head and my heart. See beyond the facts, say and try to listen and understand the other person too.  When you do this you will not hurt people with your attitude but will be able to maintain harmonious relationships.


Rhiannon said...

Very well stated...this is so true..a balance of the heart and head..along with our souls...I totally agree...if only more would give it a try.

Thank you for sharing a very simple but very true and important thought with us.

Love and peace and let's stop the wars now! I have and will be dedicating my blog (for a while) to peace and love and to stop the wars now!


rita said...

Peace is really the need of hour - when would our countrymen understand this?


George Shaw said...

The solution can be put so easily in words but when it comes to life, it is a tough path to take.

Thanks for bringing it out though


Ryhan Suktrotoma said...

For people like me who are born in the countries where battle never seems to cease, peace is a blessing that we don't think is possible for us to get in 100 years.

Vanila said...

Hi Nimita,

I don't think anything that you ahve written can be disagreed to. I wish to learn more everyday. Thank God I found you.

Nitima Sood said...

Rhiannon --> Thank you for your kind words, although I strongly believe we can have peace when we are at peace with ourselves.